Like the wood he works with, Phil Winch has deep roots in White Rock, having spent his formatives years as a pier rat. His family has been here since 1913, when his grandfather Ernie built houses before becoming a politician. His father continued in the building trades, but Phil broke ranks and ran away to sea, joining the Royal Canadian Navy. After a 30 year career, he returned to White Rock and succumbed to his genetic destiny, taking up woodworking with a passion.

He now spends his time creating beautiful and useful objects that draw our attention to the sublime power of nature in all its forms.

The wood he uses is locally sourced from trees which have succumbed to disease or the ravages of nature. His philosophy of work is finding the hidden beauty in what would otherwise be discarded or destroyed. For finishing, he prefers the natural look and feel of buffed wood over the lacquered or painted look of commercial products.

In the summer months, you will often see Phil around town with two of his artfully constructed cedar strip kayaks on his truck. While very pretty, these boats are also used frequently, demonstrating that works of art can also be practical.

His bright blue studio is located 4 blocks east of the pier on the eastern shoulder of the “Hump” at the corner of Dolphin Street and Marine Drive. He welcomes guests, and would be pleased to show you his collection.

He is a member of the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild.

Phil Winch
Phil Winch